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  • Stop Me If I've Told This Before by Emily Butler

        It was the last day of the semester, the first time we said goodbye. I was helping him move out, an easy task given how little he owned. Transferring piles of his clothes to a hamper, I found a pair of girl’s underwear. Knowing him, they’d been sitting on his floor since before we started dating.
         I tried to give him a chance to hide them but heard his voice echo against bare walls:  “I found a pair of your underwear.” He handed me the lace panties. I put them in my back pocket. Touching a stranger’s underwear bothered me but seemed like the best option. 
         “Those are yours, right?” he asked. 
         “Yeah,” I said.  
         “That would have been bad,” he said.  
         We laughed.

    Emily F. Butler is a high school librarian by day, stand-up comedian by night. She lives in western Massachusetts and her work is forthcoming in Bone Parade.

    Street Artist unkown.
    Photo by Adam Lawrence.

    Chicago’s Pixel Grip is the electro-pop duo of Jon Freund and Rita Lukea, and “Golden Moses” is their latest single.