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  • High School Night by David Masciotra

    Up against the wall

    We polluted the air with every exhale

    Fumes of alcohol and tobacco

    Dancing to the punk band

    Underneath our noses


    It felt good

    To live as



    Later in the car my father owned

    You invaded my jeans

    Your delicate hand

    Your nail polish

    The same color as night

    Chipped and messy


    I arched my back

    And howled

    At an old man’s open window


    Back inside

    The band and their mob

    Like ants out of a sandhill


    Moving Moving Moving

    I put my arm around you

    Your smile was

    Like cotton candy


    Your hair smelled like pot

    David Masciotra is an author, lecturer, and cultural critic. He is the author of Mellencamp: American Troubadour, from the University Press of Kentucky, and Metallica by Metallica, a 33 1/3 book from Bloomsbury Publishers. In 2010, Continuum Books published his first book, Working On a Dream: The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen. His newest book, Barack Obama: Invisible Man, was published by Eyewear Publishing in 2017.

    Street Artist unknown.
    Photo by Adam Lawrence.

    Desert Liminal is the Chicago-based dream pop duo of Sarah Jane Quillin and Rob Logan. “Flashbacks” comes from their most recent EP, “Comb For Gold” (Fine Prints, Aug 2018).