• (for what we are worth) by Chris Barickman

    out-wrought, with-out
    right (ed), and lee-ward
    leaning, blown, left
    ward of this state
    less, establish-ment
    meaning, meant, I
    did, mean and miser
    lee-ward, learnt
    to lean,
    mean, I
    meant, I ween
    off-road, off-hand,
    I comment, relent
    less, than leaning,
    lain, and lied
    to, and fro'
    and from
    me to you, too wise,
    two eyes, plus two
    more is lense to lense-
    -to fly, to swim, at
    four, a pair, one
    to one, and two
    by two, are you
    and me are we
    and us, together?
    ➳ birds, a feather
    dropped, falls, lighter
    in ruffled, up
    turned, crippled wind
    and sin and grains of
    cut glass, a mote
    a mottled-chip
    twisted, spark
    of re-upped, clicked
    flint, a strike
    I might repent,
    return, to send
    me, scuttled, pockets,
    less our change, equates
    two weights, suspended.

    This Zine Will Change Your Life previously published deconstruction by Chris Barickman. Check it out.

    Street Artist unknown.
    Photo by Adam Lawrence.

    Grapetooth is the fun Chicago-based duo of Clay Frankel of Twin Peaks and Chris Bailone (aka Homesick), and "Violent" is just the second single of this fairly new pairing.

    We are also happy to share some bonus Barickman drawing and music inspiration below.