The Pitch.

We are quite excited about this series.

It is brimming with esoterica and ephemera, and it is life-changing, yes always, that is our mission.

There is also humor and science, personal stories and tips.

And the handbooks will be maybe 15-20 pages long.

Handbook pages.

That's like 8-10 normal pages.

We are currently soliciting manuscripts, and we think certainly think you should get to know what we like based on what we release, but if you have a kick-ass idea, you should certainly pitch it to us at changeyourlifethiswill at gmail dot com.

The covers which are designed by the always kick-ass Ryan W. Bradley are well, you know, kick-ass.

Each handbook will be sold for $7 (with $2 going to a cause supported by the author and an additional $2 from every sale to the ACLU and the ADL) plus $3 for shipping and handling, for a total of $10.

Also, payment, writers should be paid for things, right, yes, for sure, and while it is going to be nominal, we are doing that too.

And most finally, if you want to order a handbook please do hit us at changeyourlifethiswill at gmail dot com.


This Handbook Will Change Your Life 001 - TACOS by Cyn Vargas.

This Handbook Will Change Your Life 002 - DEBT by Christopher Bowen.