• This Book Will Change Your Life - Whiskey & Ribbons by the Leesa Cross-Smith.

    We're not saying the ideal way to finish the near musical composition that is Whiskey & Ribbons by the Leesa Cross-Smith is when one is all sad and happy and lying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning next to one's long-time partner as the light drifts-in and envelopes one in its oozy embrace. But if one is to immerse oneself in this moving elegy to love and grief, we're not sure there is a better way to do so. That said, we're open to your thoughts. Where did you finish the book and how did that treat you? Further, did you feel the love imbuing your every pore, if not every particle of everything in the general vicinity? Not that we want to run from the grief. It's no spoiler to say that there is death in Whiskey & Ribbons and tragedy and sadness and it too will permeate you in cell altering ways. Nor will we say that there cannot be life and love without sadness and grief, because the grief in this book is the result of a profound violence that many experience, but most of us will not. But while Whiskey & Ribbons may be a treatise on at least one way to manage grief, and yes, alcohol and blizzards may help, it is ultmately a rumination on love and how it changes not only the fabric of our being, but the world itself. Is that too strong? We don't care. We celebrate love and joy at This Blog Will Change Your Life as much we celebrate words and art and the act of creation. The pinnacle vessel and purveyor of literary love for us has always been the well-bearded maniac known in his earthly form as the Mel Bosworth and we have no inclination to change our feelings regarding his status at this time. However, there is room for the Leesa Cross-Smith on this vaunted mantle. Hence, they will now be our king and queen of lit love and long may they reign. One category that the Cross-Smith retains sole ownership over though is that of sexiest wordsmith on any side of the Mississippi. No one writes about kissing, touching, crushing quite like her, and we suspect one has to know love, and deeply at that, to know that language too. Maybe the Cross-Smith will rejoin us on This Podcast Will Change Your Life again some time soon, so we can talk all in-depth about love, grief, crushing and drinking, and finding the words that makes all of that sing. But until then, do read Whiskey & Ribbons, let it wash over you, and around you, and cook your cells. And if you can, finish it in bed on a Sunday morning with someone you love lying next to you and the sun dancing overhead, because if you should be so lucky to do so, it will most certainly change your life.