• This Book Will Change Your Life - The Glamshack by the Paul Cohen.

    What is the nature of obsession? Is it about the gaps in our lives and determining what's needed to fill them? Is it chemical? Or something more ephemeral? Can obsession be anything but fleeting? Maybe the nature of obsession is more indefinable than all that? That if we understood those things that we are obsessed with, possessed more self-awareness, and were in fact more capable of engaging in a conversation with ourselves about what we want and desire, would that knowledge transform the obsession into something else? Something more neutured, pragmatic, thoughtful? Is obsession about the not knowing, and maybe even not caring, just losing ourselves in that which has us in its hold? Are we ourselves not obsessing over this definition? We are, completely, and totally. But we don't have a choice, we read The Glamshack by the Paul Cohen, a breathless celebration of all things obsession and we want to understand what it all means. Man loves woman, woman loves man, there is chase, desire, hair, and sex. We all know that feeling, being so intoxicated with someone that the mere thought of them is like breathing itself. It is breathing really, because when you're in it, it is life. Maybe there's no point in needing to know anything else. Maybe it's enough to read The Glamshack, embrace the intensity, swim in the longing, breathe it in, and be reminded of what obsession looks like, and feels like. Obsession may be fleeting, but if it changes your life, need we ask for anything more than that?