• This Book Will Change Your Life - The Fugue by the Gint Aras.

    There was this time when we were young adults and we went on a trip to France with our mother. We had never talked much with her about our private lives, the drugs and dating, the risky behavior, sex and fears, the grand sweep of moving from childhood to adolesence and into young adulthood. Yet there we were one night at dinner outside of Paris, eating a multi-course meal and drinking for hours, and we told her everything in all of its wonderful and sordid detail, crafting a story of self, which if not always self-aware, was certainly entertaining, and grand, and like the meal, epic even, in its own limited scope and focus on our party of one. We thought of this as we recently plowed through The Fugue by the Gint Aras - small messy lives told epically, and beautifully - because the beauty thing should be noted here, and everywhere - with layers and twists and changes in direction and time, even as it moves forward, churning, and spinning, dreamy and soaked in the sadness and limitations that come when all that lies before us is so limited from the start. It is a great Chicago story that if all is just - though like the characters in The Fugue, we know better than that - will rightfully take its place among the great Chicago stories. It is also a story about artists, immigrants, love and mental health, and while it may carry no greater historical significance than that of the importance required of it to tell the narrative of its very own characters, it is as wholly captivating as any life is, once exposed, played-out over time and given room to breathe. It should be noted, that in comparison to the much slimmer The Reactive, which we also recently consumed with much gusto, we didn't rush into reading The Fugue, and that was because of its size, so sad, we know. Now that we have read it though, we are reminded how well worth it is to savor a book of some girth, and to embrace something that feels like it will be work. We know we will certainly be doing so more of that in the coming months, and we hope you will too, starting with The Fugue of course, which is as sure to change your life as it has ours.