• This Book Will Change Your Life - The Reactive by the Masande Ntshanga.

    We are in it. On the ground. In the protagonist's head. Searching, reaching, throbbing and vital. On the move. A sense of dread lingering. Always. Past traumas taking hold of our fuzzy brains. Undefined horrors looming. Family, friends, community, drugs, health and mortality weighing on us every step of the way. The Reactive by Masande Ntshanga is all vibrant like that. Or if you prefer, like The Basketball Diaries or We The Animals are. And yes, as we have noted before, it's fucking lazy to compare any book to any book to anything, but there is an electricty, an aliveness, and caked-on scuzz that begs to be compared and considered in terms of literary lineage and place. It is life lived. It is the past always holding on and the future hurtling both towards and away from us all at once. First and foremost though, it is movement, and motion, and kinetic energy, even when still. We will run our podcast with Masande soon enough, but for now, know The Reactive is all that, and still something new as well, a churning and beautiful rumination on not only modern-day South Africa, HIV/AIDS and a lost generation, but how we don't even know how to die even when everything, and maybe everyone, is telling to do so. Also know this, we are certain that The Reactive is most certain to change your life.