• This Book Will Change Your Life - Harbors by the Donald Quist.

    This is a story about connections. First there is the story we've told here many times before. We meet a writer, in this case the Kali VanBaale, she of the The Good Divide, and she says you need to meet my friend Donald Quist. We meet the Donald Quist, he of the soon to be essay collection Harbors which is being released from the Awst Press, home of This Is Not A Confession by our friend David Olimpio. Connections upon connections, and so we are new friend and old, and we are onto a collection about race and class and displacement that is uniquely positioned to provide the accent marks to a whole range of conversations that America needs, ought, to be having now. All from a publisher we are just getting to know, but has already proven a willingness to embrace hard topics and the scary shit that most of us would rather not discuss at all. So, to summarize thus far, we are talking connections between authors we love and who love each other, and the choices publishers make about who they want to be and how they want to be represented. But that's just in the first, because then there is the Quist himself, and his desire to connect to the people and stories around him, and to question how connected any person of color can be to a country that can barely acknowledge its inability to fully accept any such connections at all. That Quist has left the country and moved to Thailand, his wife's country of origin, is to connect all over again and invite new questions about what it means to make a home in a place that isn't home at all. That Quist tackles all of these questions - as well as those about the connections we lose or break through broken homes, death and choice - with such a profound sense of urgency, is not just a tribute to his craftmanship, but his grace.