• This Book Will Change Your Life - The Revolution Of Every Day by the Cari Luna.

    There is this literary trope where people say that they read to be taken to another place, worlds they don't know or haven't visited, and that certain books transport them there. They want to escape to something and literature is their means for doing so. We don't generally adhere to this trope, which is to that we don't read to escape to anywhere, we're just happy to not be in our own head, the words alone sufficient to accomplish that, the location neglible. But the exception to this quite possibly inaccurate position are those books that offer us an alternative version of the world as we think we know it, or have chosen to live it. The Basketball Diaries wil always loom large for us in this way, its electric scuzz, sex and drug use a seemingly parallel world to not only the small central New York town we grew-up in, but even the the New York City we thought we knew as kids. We were reminded of this when we first read Full of It by our old friend Tim Hall, and its tale of underground newspapers and pre-new Millenium New York City. We lived there then, but we didn't write, and we didn't know any artists. We barely knew the scuzz we loved reading about as children. And it made us feel like we had missed something, an opportunity, and an era soon to be lost to time and development. We had a similar reaction over the last week as we read The Revolution of Every Day by the Cari Luna, a book as well-crafted and seamless as any we've read this year or any year, a tale of the early to mid-Nineties New York City squatter scene that we're quite sure we didn't quite grasp existed. We should say, that unlike Tim Hall's New York City, this is not a world we wish we hadn't missed - the endless hustle and dumpster diving, the fear and deprivation - though we felt envious at the sense of purpose driving the characters, every moment one of meaning and righteousness - but it was there, it was real, and we missed it, until Luna brought it to life for us, her writing vibrant and full of scuzz, her characters alive, and on the make, finding and losing love, connecting and disintegrating, and all the while sure to change your life.