• This Book Will Change Your Life - Swarm Theory by the Christine Rice.

    We are not embarrassed to say we may have cried a little when we finished Swarm Theory by the Christine Rice. It's likely something was caught in our eye, dust, what have you. But it's also possible that we finally let ourselves relax, expelled the breath we had been holding for countless pages and days, and finally had the chance to be that much less caught-up in the story and the characters, their pain and sadness, and their confusion about how to fix things, or become unstuck, it all came out, our feelings for Paulie and Astrid and Leila and Will and Eric and Caroline. Because that's the thing, or a thing, there's a lot going on in Swarm Theory, swirling, overlapping story lines, where the characters cross-over and back, moving in and out of eachother's lives. One could read it just for the skill required to make these intersecting storylines sing as they do, not showing any seams or strain. Or even for the sociological thrill of losing oneself in this intensively detailed look at one small town - and the violence, hate, anger, shame and weakness that reverberates across the years - and an era long since past. But for us, it is the sheer and unrelenting emotion and heartbreak that codifies Swarm Theory as not just a great read, but something more beautiful and transcendent, and certain to change your life.