• This Book Will Change Your Life - The Voyager Record A Transmission by the Anthony Michael Morena.

    We suppose we could tell you all about how we are long-time fanboys of The Voyager Record - the Golden Record sent off with the Voyager space probe in 1977. That it spoke to us from the first moment we even knew there was such a thing. That a Golden Record containing music, images and greetings and created for the space aliens sure to find it and possess the means for listening to it, whose very creation involved Carl Sagan and later influenced Star Trek: Voyager, would be something that some part of our childhood would have to been dedicated to understanding and fanboyng the hell out of it, much in the same way that Skylab or the Space Shuttle Challenger or Blade Runner, Star Trek or The Twilight Zone, or even Los Angeles - more on that in a moment - did. And yet, no. we had no sense of it at all. It may be that we can blame the public school system in Central New York for this, but so many decades later, this is where we are, which only increases our great joy at finding that The Voyager Record A Transmission by the Anthony Michael Morena is an actual thing, a prose lyrical poem thing that is both terribly educational - but in a terribly fun way - and terribly moving all at once. It is a rumination on connection, and believing that there is something more than this, us, whatever, or wherever, it is we think we are. It is also about pop culture, the loss of heroes and fathers, and Morena's own displacement and discoveries in moving from Brooklyn to Tel Aviv, an alien life force all his own. We're all thrilled to share that we had a chance to interview Anthony for the podcast, and in Los Angeles where so much of our science fiction and pop culture fanboy love was born and formed, and we will run that episode soon. But for now there is this, The Voyager Record A Transmission, and there is no doubt that it is sure to change your life.