• This Book Will Change Your Life - The Good Divide by the Kali VanBaale.

    We are not travel. We are just read and more read. Rinse and repeat. We are also reminded how wonderful it is to have a book come to us that we had not sought out and then enjoy it so much it's like rediscovering why we love reading so much in the first place. Which is to say, that the fine crew at MG Press suggested that we must in no uncertain terms take a look at their new joint The Good Divide by Kali VanBaale. We did. We love it. And we thought, this is what a page-turner feels like - the thrill of wondering what comes next and then quickly turning the page to find out, happy that the next chapter is not so long as to require us to wait until the next day because we shouldn't stay up longer just to read and trying to figure out when we can read next when work, children and a myriad of another generally positive annoyances stand between us and the book. All of which is probably a little dramatic, but that comes with the territory. We are readers. We consume books. And when we read something that pleasantly surprises us we celebrate. Cool? Cool. That said, we should add, that if, when, you choose to read The Good Divide, you can expect a story that involves tragedy, family - and when don't good stories about family involve tragedy, love - unrequited and otherwise, what we settle for - the how and why - when we have to settle, body image, poverty, jealousy - and how it warps our better selves, and maybe most of all a commentary on how we treat women, what we expect from them, for them and how the advances accorded to women come incrementally, if at all, and how we, men, society, are only too happy to remove them as moods change and power shifts. So, Will The Good Divide change your life? Of course it will, it's why read, even if the feeling is only transitory, and as we are lost, then found, on the pages before us.