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  • All February Long…Thoughtful Dog Celebrates Their First Anniversary!

    And we are so jumping on the Thoughtful Dog anniversary bandwagon. Which is to say, we are thrilled to celebrate with them, and we think you that if you have not yet done so, it's well time you took a look at the Thoughtful Dog. If you have, well, maybe it's time for a second look, yes? Yes. Totally. Either way, it's sure to change your life. All that said, how about some anniversary words from Thoughtful Dog co-founders Loie and Constance Sayers? Excellent.

    "As we look back on what we have learned during the process of creating and sustaining Thoughtful Dog, our literary magazine, we find ourselves surprised by an early success. The response from day one has been incredible and voluminous. There are so many great writers waiting for the chance to have their stories read. The reaction from writers, agents, editors, publishers, photographers and those who influence the writing community has been overwhelming and delightful (yes, writers, I am using more than my share of adjectives as I describe our first year). Our goal from the start has been to help those who feel they need a little (or a lot) of inspiration navigating the writing world. As writers ourselves, it is our desire to make their path a little easier via the word and deeds of other writers and we are trying to do this at the ground level."