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  • All hail the Excavation. And the Wendy C. Ortiz.

    It was brought to our attention that this past week marks the third anniversary of Excavation's release into the world. Excavation has had a profound impact on our brain and our writing. And our subsequent friendship with Excavation's author Wendy C. Ortiz has been one we greatly cherish. But even with all of that, what we would like to take a moment to do, is recognize that starting with Excavation, then Hollywood Notebook, and Bruja, Ortiz has challenged and expanded what memoir is and can be. She has written fever dreams, and actual dreams, fragments and memory, mashups of life and loss and confusion and youth, and when combined with the works of Samantha Irby, Megan Stielstra, and Scott McClanahan, we have been witnesses to where the larger world of writing and publishing is heading. Not just of the coasts, or cities, males, white, or privileged, but something wider and deeper, and more granular and complex. As we said, all hail Excavation, and welcome to the future, because the future is now. Also, a brief call back to our fevered thoughts on Excavation (almost) three long years ago.

    "However, to read the story in the form of fragments being lifted from Ortiz's memory and reformulated as story. As an exploration of her understanding about what went down, and the role she played in it, then and now, and all points in between. And as presented not as a survival tale, but more as this is how it was, and this is how it is, matter of fact, but no less intense, or confusing, in terms of what it may of meant to her then, and certainly means to her now. Well, that is something different."