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  • It's October 23rd, which can only mean one thing: It's Fathermucker Day.

    For those of you not quite in the know, not yet anyway, the delightfully painful, yet ultimately most triumphant Fathermucker by the Greg Olear takes place entirely on October 23rd. Hence it being Fathermucker Day, which we can all celebrate by finding a copy of the Fathermucker and imbibing on it now. Like right now. You may also read our thoughts on the Fathermucker on the old blog here and enjoy some brief excerpt below.

    "We want to pause to pay homage to a moment that comes when much of the day has passed, and following a run-in with the police, and the protagonist who has a work-related goal he wants, maybe needs, to pull-off, an interview with a local celebrity, and we won't ruin that by saying any more, but when he finally has a moment with said celebrity, we were struck more than at any other moment in the novel, how hard it all can be, the intersection of parenting and wanting to be an artist, but not quite getting there, or being there, wherever there is, and realizing maybe that maybe you won't ever be there, and that you might have to embrace that your parenting skills may be the best thing about you, despite the work you put in and the anxiety and the scrapping to be something more..."