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  • The new Atticus Review is here and quite frankly we couldn't be more thrilled about that.

    We have always had a soft spot for the Atticus Review and its founder Dan Cafaro. But we also feel a mission driven need to celebrate change of all kinds, and so it is with great excitement, and yes, fondness, that we welcome Atticus' most excellent new leader David Olimpio. We also wish all involved great luck and Godspeed with this rebooted endeavor, and if this is your kind of thing, do feel free to read more about all of that here. We are also excerpt below. 

    "The new Atticus Review is here. It is here as a resolute counter-statement to not being here. It is the lone red anemone standing proud in a late-winter, not-quite-spring of fallen trees.

    Here at Atticus, we will get back to the task of publishing: Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction. Book, film, and theater reviews. Video poems. And we will start publishing some new things, too: some cartoons. Some video blogs.

    Along with original work, we also will share more things to inspire, things that will perhaps help us get past the dread of the Big Why and just BEGIN ANYWAY."