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  • This Handbook Will Change Your Life 002 - DEBT by the Christopher Bowen.

    "Are you hungry the way I used to be?
    "When I was a culinary student, I was always hungry and thought people will need to eat, too. They will always need me here for that and I’d always have a job because of that. I wrote and travelled, too. These were a few of the things I needed, things I was hungry for. But culinary school was a debt to society. I worked full-time as a hospital cook for years, sometimes shutting down two kitchens in what would be a fifteen hour day on my feet, including the sixty minute commute to the community college.
    "I'm sorry. You’re hungry. I mean, are you hungry enough for what I can make you?"

    Christopher Bowen
    is the author of the chapbook We Were Giants and the novella When I Return to You, I Will Be Unfed. Although he's travelled and spoken throughout the U.S., Cleveland was and will always be home.

    This Handbook Will Change Your Life 002 - DEBT is Release Date - December 27, 2017.

    Price - $7 ($2 from each handbook sold will be donated to a cause supported by the author - Greater Cleveland Food Bank for Christopher - and an additional $2 from every sale will go to the ACLU and the ADL) plus $3 shipping and handling, for a total of $10.

    Ordering - Please contact us at changeyourlifethiswill [at] gmail [dot] com.

    (Cover design by the most excellent Ryan W. Bradley)