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  • This Handbook Will Change Your Life 001 - TACOS by the Cyn Vargas.

    "I love tacos. Have I had some scrumptious ones? Of course. Have I had awful ones? Unfortunately. But why? How could anyone fuck up tacos? Same as how anyone can fuck up anything- they just don’t care. There is no sense of pride; no sense that whoever receives it is going to treasure the few minutes of taste. For many it’s something they had craved for all day. When you give someone something you made, you should take the time to give your best regardless of how they receive it, but for some it doesn’t matter. Make a taco. Go home. Move on. Taco is like love."

    Cyn Vargas' short story collection, On The Way, (Curbside Splendor, 2015) received positive reviews from Shelf Awareness, Library Journal, Heavy Feather Review, Newcity Lit, Hypertext Magazine, Necessary Fiction and others. Her prose and essays have been published in the Chicago Reader, Word Riot, Split Lip Magazine, Hypertext Magazine, Midnight Breakfast, and elsewhere.

    This Handbook Will Change Your Life 001 TACOS is Release Date
    - April 24, 2017.

    Price - $7 ($2 from each handbook sold will be donated to a cause supported by the author - PAWS Chicago for Cyn - and an additional $2 from every sale will go to the ACLU and the ADL) plus $3 shipping and handling, for a total of $10.

    Ordering - Please contact us at changeyourlifethiswill at gmail dot com.

    (Cover design by the most excellent Ryan W. Bradley)